The characteristics of each site and tight customer deadlines to repair damaged vehicles require our staff to be highly responsive and flexible.

Improvisation is not an option in this business. Experience is the key to responsiveness.


The satisfaction of our customers as well as that of all stakeholders linked to our partners (Insured parties, Experts, Hosting companies…) remains our main priority and commitment. Our reputation and success are based on the commitment and experience of our technical and administrative staff.


Our operational staff are dedicated to helping you meet the challenges of a large hail incident. To do this we offer fast and effective solutions that are tailored to the characteristics of the customer and the situation.


EUROTOLE has acquired a solid reputation thanks to the professionalism and dynamism of its staff. We provide full claims management and guarantee the highest technical and quality levels regardless of the location (assembly plant, fleet park, dealership, bodywork shop, temporary structure…).

Our methods have also been approved by the quality and service departments of many manufacturers.