Outsourcing at your own site

Expertise that is recognised by a large number of manufacturers

Mobile teams available 24 hours a day

A new retouching concept

Manufacturers in the design, launch and production phases rely on our expertise. You can outsource all or part of the process, we can provide you with dedicated managers and teams of qualified technicians.

Eurotole offers tailor-made outsourcing solutions that are more flexible and scalable to meet your quality requirements.

Mass retouching repairs

Retouching repairs

  • Bare sheet metal
  • Painted sheet metal
  • Cabinetwork upholstery
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Modernisation
  • Paintwork
  • Quality control

Our retouching offer provides:

  •    Greater flexibility
  •    Faster response times
  •    Higher productivity
  •    Measurable commitments set out in dedicated reports