The success of the Eurotole Group rests on the quality of its staff above all. The group’s main strength is its employees, it is they that enable us to make a long-term difference.

Training and mobility

Our employees benefit from continuous training throughout their professional careers to improve their professionalism and skills and to refine their know-how, their capabilities,
their versatility and sense of innovation. Our training courses contribute to the creation of equal opportunity and help everyone to learn and thrive within the group.
Everyone benefits from information, dialogue and advice, which are essential for ensuring equal opportunities, for opening up career development opportunities and improving everyone’s potential.

Personal accountability and development

Personal initiative, decision-making and autonomy are fundamental aspects of all professions. The ability to listen and learn is a key ingredient for employee confidence and promotes individual and collective progress.
We strive to create environments which enable our employees to express themselves and to develop their potential at all our subsidiaries. We promote accountability and we value performance.

Quality of life at work

Feeling good about your company, your trade, your job and your team are essential conditions for quality of life at work. One of our main priorities is to establish respectful and efficient work environments for our employees and we strive to offer everyone attractive and stimulating surroundings in which a spirit of collective well being reigns. We do everything we can to look after our employees because happy employees make for happy customers.
Health and safety

Health and safety

We pay special attention to the health and safety of our employees. Our culture of safety is based on prevention, responsibility, stakeholder engagement, continuous improvement and sharing. Going beyond the regulatory requirements, we mobilise our staff around the health, safety and hygiene regulations, we provide prevention training and promote awareness campaigns.

To join Eurotole is to become part of a dynamic and ambitious group imbued with a strong corporate culture where development, commitment and respect are the primary concerns.
Eurotole Group employees also adhere to a strong set of values and have a special mindset.

Our technicians are partly trained by Eurotole and have a minimum of 5 years of experience.

A charter of ethics is included in each annual contract.

All our technicians and staff come from the European Community and are fully compliant with the employment legislation in the countries in which they work.

At the end of each project all DSP technicians are scored on their technical capabilities, their dexterity and their behaviour.